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Talk Pit Podcast Logo

I was commissioned  to create the logo of this podcast with the premise of improv comedy in a cock pit. The client supplied the inspiration of Top Gun, Air Hogs, and Soarin' (over California) as references. 

HDTV pic (27 ppi).png

Rough Sketches


I sent these rough sketches to the client for general overview of different routes the design could be taken. Working with the client, we narrowed it down to two possible general designs.

Grayscales and Colored Drafts


Close up of outline rough examples

After narrowing down the general design, I honed the two options with various fonts, props, and color scheme options for the client. I took the top designs from this and roughed in color with an example of black outline or color outline. We decided to go with the straight angled wings and color outline as the final design of the logo. 

 Vector Art 

vector art 2.png
vector art 1.png

With the wing design polished, I perfected in on the details of the font and microphone placement in the logo. With more feedback, the client and I were able to create the final vector design that suited his vision for the project.

vector art 3.jpg
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