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Rooster teeth productions

Here is a page compiling my favorite shots I worked on per episode/ movie with a small comment about my work/ collaboration with the team.

rwby x Justice league: Heroes and huntsmen Part2

RWBY x Justice League: Heroes and Huntsmen Part has finally dropped! This last project with Rooster Teeth was truly special. A massive shout out to Kate WarnerKaren LintonJoshua Miller, and Joe MacDonald for trusting/ encouraging me by casting my biggest, most complicated sequences yet on this film. I learned so much during this project in particular and I couldn't have done it without you guys cheering me on!

From the massive 17 character fight sequence at the end of the film (including injected grimm crowds) to the epic two- headed snake fight with Ruby, some of my fondest and proudest moments as a Layout artist so far are on this project.

One specific moment, finding a cheat to have Flash and Ruby fit in the mouth of the creature for sequence 12160 (bridge fight scene; roughly sec 47 in reel). The to-scale creature for the set could not hold two people inside it's mouth as the board portrayed. So I did a little bit of digging into the rig/ problem solved some ideas during the camera scout to pitch the leads of every department. The solution we decided to go with as a team, as the camera zooms/ pushes in I pitched we animate the head scaling up at a cheated pose to give the look of a larger mouth. Then in the following shot, I scaled the monster up 2 and a half times to get the right proportion to Ruby and Flash. Having the camera have a long lens so the setting hid the scale difference as much as possible.

Another proud moment looking back at this project-- especially when comparing it to my first sequences working at RT or even before I landed an industry job-- is how much my cameras tie into the environment and edit as a whole. I really honed in and started applying shakes and moves across cuts in this project unlike any my previous work. I really enjoy seeing how much growth has happened in my two years at Rooster Teeth.

Congrats to everyone who worked on this amazing project and the wonderful team of CRWBY! It was a blast and definitely miss working with such wonderful people!

rwby x Justice league: Heroes and huntsmen Part 1

This movie was such a blast to work on! From pitching easter eggs for RWBY fans to working with the Justice League IP I couldn't imagine this being the first movie credit I got to work on. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of, and I learned so much about staging/ complex fight scenes. Here is a small compilation of my favorite action sequences I worked on.

rwby volume 9

episode 1

Favorite memory/ thing I learned from this episode: We kicked off on this episode at the height of the 2021 Texas snow storms, so a lot of my team was unfortunately battling keeping warm as I started on the sequence meeting our favorite mouse, Little. The Art department had over 300 new assets to build for this season (while also working on other projects, AH!), so Little wasn't quite ready for their debut as I begun setting up the shots. SO, I surprised my team by making an adhoc version of Little that I used as a scale reference to get framing as close as possible to final. This led to our team implementing the occassional "adhoc monster" step into our pipeline to keep sequences moving as our art team kept up their wonderful work.

episode 2

I learned a lot about comedic staging/ cheating the characters around the set. Also, got some practice in handling cameras tracking a group of people walking in space/ holding a conversation. Lastly, tried my hand at two different match cuts between sequences.

episode 3

Favorite memories were trying to problem solve for two separate technical challenges within different sequences. The first one being for the Raimi camera move; and, how to make Weiss, Blake, and Yang look like they're shrinking without breaking the rigs. For rough layout, I had a blast working with the to scale characters rigs and their tiny variants to purpose a possible solution for it. Animation ended up working their magic and finding an alternative path, but it was fun testing out! 😄 And then secondly, how to fit the tiny girls into Ruby's hood for sequence 3055. The hood rig was pushed to its limits, but I'm very happy with how it turned out!

episode 4

On this very trippy episode, I got the opportunity to work on the sequences with herbalist in their backroom. These sequences were a great deal of fun to rework and push the angles on the cameras to include some very wide shots of the room so the hookah was in frame. My favorite shots to work on were definitely the first orbit shot and the shot where the camera follows the Cat's magic up the Herbalist.

episode 5

This episode I got to pitch an idea in Final Camera that I had an absolute blast creating. Originally those cameras were more locked, and did not have a handheld feel to them for the Teapot lady sequence. But in final layout, I played around with the idea that the force of them sucking the tabletop items into their spout would also cause the camera to shake and be pulled towards the teapot lady as well. Which was approved to use in episode! I also got tasked with the big reveal moment at the end of the episode 😄. Welcome back into storyline... Jaune!

episode 6

When we first got kicked off for this episode, I was floored to see that we finally made Bumblebee canon! This episode really had some special characters moments in it that were fun to work on. My two favorite moments were absolutely getting to do the rough layout for Blake and Yang's kiss reveal to Ruby, Weiss, Little, and Jaune. But also reframing the first shot inside Jaune's hut because the originally boarded shot was not possible with the set build. For final camera, I had already hopped onto RWBY x Justice League: Heroes and Huntsmen Part One (releasing April 25th!), so my amazing team members Jonathan DeLeonJessie (Jessica) Wrubel, and Doron Goldstein speared headed polishing up this episode.
And as for the rest of the season, I will anxiously await each episode release to see the final comps with all the hard work the post- production crew put in to finishing up volume 9! I hope you have enjoyed these clips 😀

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