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Lacoste Study Abroad


For winter quarter of Senior year, I studied abroad at SCAD Lacoste campus. I wanted to travel and get back to my fine art roots before graduating. I took a travel portfolio and art history course that allowed me to discover beautiful Southern France villages! My all time favorite trip while being abroad though was Roma, Italy. I am a complete nerd for Roman mythology, and seeing all the sculptures and architecture was amazing! Here are some of my favorite drawings and photos from my two months at Lacoste. 

Left: Extended gesture from Maison Baise up to Lacoste (ink pen).

Top Right: Line and value study of ceramic rose in Lacoste cemetery (ink pen and sketch pencil).

Bottom Right: 2 page landscape of Lacoste near Dorm room (india ink, ink pen/wash, and sketch pencil).

Left: Move in day. View from dorm room window.

Middle Left: View from doorway onto terrace over-looking valley.

Middle Right: Misty morning right outside dorm room.

Right: Stepped out for breakfast and was caught with this beautiful sight

Nimes and Pont Du Gard

Left: Exterior archway of Nimes arena (ink pen).

Top Right: Small study of detail in Temple of of Diana, Garden of the Fountains (pencil).

Bottom Right: Line work of Tour Magne, Garden of the Fountains (pencil).

Top Left Corner: Garden of the Fountains, Nimes. Pathway up to Tour Magne

Top Middle Left: Garden of the Fountains, Nimes.

Top Right Middle: Pont du Gard. House over-looking the bridge.

Top Right Corner: Pont du Gard.

Bottom Left Corner: Garden of Fountains, Nimes.

Bottom Left Middle: Garden of Fountains, Nimes.

Bottom Right Middle: Temple of Diana, Nimes.

Bottom Right Corner: Standing on Pont du Gard looking at river.

Pont Julien

Left: View from river-bed (gauche, india ink, ink pen/ wash, and sketch pencil).

Top Right: Study of small section of bridge (gauche, ink pen/ wash, and sketch pencil).

Bottom Right:  Landscape with bridge (gauche, india ink, ink pen/ wash, and sketch pen).

Top Left: View from river-bed.

Top Middle: View of river. Loved how the sky reflected in the water so clearly.

Top Right Corner: View from river-bed.

Bottom Left Corner: View of river looking other direction.

Bottom Middle: View of bridge from river-bed.

Bottom Right: View of bridge from side.


Left: photo Study of bust in Printing Museum (gauche, white watercolor, and pencil).

Right: Study of book from Printing Museum (gauche and ink pen).

Top Left: Statue we walked by to get to main part of the city.

Top Middle: Interior of the Fauverie.

Top Right: My two roommates walking back to the hotel after dinner by Farris Wheel.

Bottom Left: Musee de Confluences exterior.

Bottom Middle Left: Cityscape along the river as walked to gothic cathedral.

Bottom Middle Right: Fountain in cement park in shopping district.

Bottom Right: Exterior of Fauverie and other buildings from distance at night.


View from over-look into valley (pencil, gauche, india ink, ink pen/ wash, and sketch pencil).

Top Left Corner: View of church.

Top Middle Upper: Looking into valley in the city.

Top Middle Lower Left: Someone's sun room over-looking. the valley.

Top Middle Lower Right: German Woman's cat stunning.

Top Right Corner: Ruins of a wall near drop off.

Bottom Left: View of city from over-look.

Bottom Middle: As we drove into the city to walk around.

Bottom Left: Looking down into valley from over-look.


Study of berry bush on top of castle ruins (watercolor pencil, pencil, and ink pen).

Top Left Corner: Looking at fountain from behind berry bush.

Top Middle Left: Fountain in Saignon.

Top Middle Right: Another view of the fountain.

Top Right Corner: Overgrown grave with ceramic flowers.

Middle Left Outer: Looking at house from behind berry bush.

Middle Left Inner: Exterior of building.

Middle Middle: Looking down a street on way to castle ruins.

Middle Right Inner: Someone's garden in the street.

Middle Right Outer: Castle ruins.

Bottom: Panoramic from top of the castle ruins.

I'lse Sur La Sorge

Top Left Corner: Water Wheel with Fairy Stones.

Top Left Upper Middle: Another view of Water Wheel with Fairy Stones

Top Left Lower Middle: Close-up of Water Wheel.

Top Right Middle: View of the River.

Top Right Corner: River randomly flowing in middle of the city as we walked around.

Bottom Left Corner: Antique shop exterior.

Bottom Left Upper Middle: View of small waterfall in river with dragonfly sculpture. Planter in foreground.

Bottom Left Lower Middle: Sign in the city.

Bottom Right Middle: Another view of the river.

Bottom Right Corner: Beautiful overgrown bridge that crossed river.


Left: College of Colosseum (paper, gauche, ink, and Daudet novel).

Right: Collage of locations in Roma with gelato and column sketch (paper, gauche, pencil, ink, and Daudet novel).

Top Left Corner: Vatican Courtyard.

Top Left Middle: Walking towards Colosseum while band was playing.

Top Right Middle: Roman ruins near Colosseum.

Top Right Corner: Cafes on streets as we wandered around the Pantheon area.

Bottom Left Corner: Beautiful architecture caddy-corner to Trevi fountain.

Bottom Middle Left: Trevi Fountain.

Bottom Middle Right: Courtyard I walked by when trying to find Piazza Novanna.

Bottom Right Corner: Another alley of cafes near Pantheon.

Top Left: Collage inspired by Picasso Museum (paper, india ink, and Daudet novel).

Top Right: Sketch of sculpture in Louvre (pencil, gauche, ink, and Daudet novel).

Bottom Left: Collage inspired by Monet's Artwork (paper, gauche, ink, and Daudet novel).

Bottom Middle: Sketch of Degas' Ballerina sculpture (pencil, gauche, ink, and Daudet novel).

Bottom Right: Sketch of Heracles archer in Musee d'Orsay (pencil, gauche, india ink, and Daudet novel).


Top Left Corner: Paris Latin Quarter Street.

Top Left Middle: Paris Latin Quarter Street.

Top Middle: Musee d'Orsay interior.

Top Right Middle: View of Notre Dame from a distance.

Top Right Corner: Walking back from Musee d'Orsay.

Bottom Left: Panorama shot of Saint Chapelle. I like how the warp gives it a whimsical vibe.

Bottom Right: Panoramic shot from hotel balcony.

Colorado  Provencal

Top Left: Study of pine cone (gauche and ink pen).

Bottom Left: Landscape of ocre path (gauche and white watercolor).

Right: Landscape drawing of ocre path (gauche and ink pen).

Cedar Forest Near Bonnieux

Top: Path of ocre trail.

Bottom Left: View from climbing up mountain off to the right.

Bottom Right: Panoramic shot from top of mountain.

Left: Study of leaves on bush next to trail (pencil, gauche, white water color, and ink pen).

Right: Landscape at look-out spot (pencil, gauche, and ink pen).

Top Left: From vista looking into valley.

Top Left Middle: Old cedar tree walked by on the trail.

Top Right Middle: Trail we walked for 30 minutes.

Top Right Corner: Cedar Forest.

Bottom Left: From over-look looking down at Lacoste.

Bottom Right: From vista looking out into valley.

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