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"How  you doing?" -Joey Tribiani Jr.

My name is Rachel Holiday, and yes, watching Friends is how my parents chose my name! I am a graduate of Savannah College Art and Design's undergraduate animation program. My passion is 3D Layout and Previsualization because of the influence the role has on visual storytelling. I find it fascinating how a character's personality and internal goals impact a story, and how this challenge is conquered when a Layout artist starts setting up shots for a film sequence.

When I am not working on a layout, I love helping other artists succeed on their projects. One of my favorite activities I participated in at SCAD was being a professor's assistant for my senior year of college. As for things not related to school and animation, I have two adorably goofy dogs named Pascal and Persephone- whom also double as my alarm clock and walking buddies. I annihilate books and am an avid movie-goer. Also, I appreciate the challenge of an escape room and traveling. My new favorite travel destination is Roma, Italy! I look forward to this great, big adventure of finding my way in the film industry!    



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