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Starbucks F.G. Wells Disney Studios Chalk Art

I was put in charge of creating drink advertisement signs by the managers of F.G. Wells Starbucks. I created all ideas, graphics, and slogans based off the Disney and Starbucks worlds to convey a fun, interesting campaign for seasonal items and custom drinks.

descendents 3.jpg
rat 2020 art.jpg
the child art.jpg
home alone.jpg
make it blue art.jpg
hades art.jpg
onward art.jpg
frozen 2 art.jpg
winnie art.jpg

Moore's Deli Menu Art

moores menu whole.jpg

Moore's deli in downtown Burbank has a large chalkboard for all their beverage options available for purchase. I was tasked with creating a readable menu that caught customers eyes. It was a fun challenge to group the different drinks appropriately, and also think of various ways to visualize drinking containers that are easily recognizable to people.




moores coffee close.jpg
moores beer and wine.jpg

The Conservatory Chalk Art

My chalk art started at The Conservatory. I was delegated the design of various interchangeable boards for pedestrians to see as they were passing the restaurant. The theme of the circle was born by using a bowl as a stencil. And then I was also given free reign to draw chalk art for their 4th of July event to make the space more festive!




conservatory boards.jpg
conservatory 4th of july.jpg
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